Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday 3/28

Today we started working on our blueprint of our model. Here is the schedule of the entire project:

  • Day 1 – Monday 3/27/17:  (Ch. 11.1 & 11.4) Come up with your idea for scale factor model and get it approved by Ms. Escher.  
  • Day 2 – Tuesday 3/28/17:  (Ch. 11.1 & 11.4) Make a blueprint/drawing of your model, including your scale factor and the new dimensions. 
  • Day 3 – Wednesday 3/29/17:  (Ch. 11.3) Draw a map showing how you went from Cope to the store for any supplies you may need for the project, and then from the store back to Cope—using a different route 
  • Day 4 – Thursday 3/30/17.(Ch. 11.2) Make your model!  
  • Day 5 – Friday 3/31/17Finish map/work on model  
  • Day 6  Monday 4/3/17: Work on poster 
  • Day 7  Tuesday 4/4/17: Work on poster  
  • Day 8 – Wednesday 4/5/17Projects are DUE and must be presented TODAY – late projects will receive ½ credit  LATE means 1-2 days late 
Final projects include: 
  • Original object or picture of object 
  • Model 
  • Poster with blueprint and assigned questions 
  • Map 

Monday 3/27

Today we started our Scale Model Project. Each student will be building a model of an object that is either smaller or bigger than the original. We will be working on different components of this project throughout the week and the final project will be due on Wednesday April 5th. 

Homework: Finalize your idea for your model